We provide professional advice when and where you need it

Whether you are about to begin a new life overseas, are a seasoned expat, or simply wish to introduce an international dimension to your
financial affairs, we can help you meet your objectives.

Who We Are

We are head quartered and regulated in Cyprus under EU law to provide independent financial and investment advice to individuals and companies, resident in the EEA. We also provide advice to clients resident in non EEA jurisdictions including, the middle
east, southern and eastern Africa.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive menu of services aimed at helping them
to meet their financial and lifestyle objectives.


Making the right choices


Choosing the right company for advice on financial matters is not a piece of cake!

It is vital that you choose the right company to advise and guide you through the financial issues that matter to you. It is equally important that the firm you appoint is licensed to provide advice on those issues, and that their costs for doing so are known and agreed by you in advance.

Before making a decision, satisfy yourself that:

  • The company is properly equipped to address the financial matters that affect you
  • The company is licensed to provide the advice you seek
  • The company has provided details of their costs involved to you in advance

Our Vision

We seek to ensure the best outcome for our clients at all times. Our advisors are highly qualified, skilled and experienced in securing the best results for our clients.

So whether you are seeking to secure your accumulated wealth or wish to start accumulating capital from savings, we are here to guide and advise you upon the best means of meeting your objectives.